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 Cannes International Film Festival


Cannes is one of the most prestigious and famous film festivals in the world founded in 1946. The Cannes International Film Festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films, new music albums, documentary, promotions of rising stars around the world.

            The 2014 Cannes Film Festival takes place between 14th May to 25th May 2014. The jury president of the film festival Jane Campion is the 10th women to hold the position of president in the 67years of history.

There are so many celebrities around the world who participates in this film festival who shows her Glamour, Beauty, Jewelry & style in this film festival. The main motive of participation in this film festival is to promote his or her upcoming film, promotion of  brands & run the new trends like dress, tanzanite jewelry, haircuts which is acceptable by the world in future. Form 14th May 2014 there are lots of celebrity participated in Cannes film festival. In my opinion few celebrities got unique style & fashion. These are my 3 choices that I like most in this festival.
 Cate Blanchett, Adriana Lima & Jessica Chastain

Cate Blanchett – Is an Austrilian actress of stage and screen was born in 14th may 1968.  Who wins the Radiant Academy Award has broken the fashion mold with dazzling style at Friday's "How to Train Your Dragon 2" screening at Cannes. With her new outfit in a deadly combination of bejeweled bodice dress, Earring, and chic black pleated floor length chiffon skirt. For this outfit she got the title “ LOOK OF THE DAY ”.


Adriana Lima – Is a brazilian super model was born in 12th june 1981. She is best known for Victoria's Secret model & Super-slender Guess.  On Cannes Film Festival she stepped out with a beautiful  paired daring  dress and slicked-back bun.  This beautiful dress is lightened up with earrings, bracelets & awesome Giuseppe Zanotti heels.


Jessica Chastain – Is a well known celebrity of USA. She  was born on 24th march 1997. She raise to the fame  when she was nominated in Oscar 2012 for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in movie ” The Help”. In Cannes, when she comes up With a  Blue Atelier Versace  with red manicure, she was looking gorgeous & stunning  with  pear shape earrings.

So, these are the information and choices of the starting days of Cannes International Film Festival.   Plenty of still to come, so I’m hopeful that we are going to see more fashionable and glamorous celebrities in upcoming days. Stay connected for more information.


05/31/2014 16:02
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